Monday, January 09, 2006

January is National [blank] Month

According to a website of 2006 National Health Observances, January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Glaucoma Awareness Month, Thyroid Awareness Month, Birth Defects Prevention Month, and Blood Donor Month.

Birth Defects
  • Birth Defects and Genetic Conditions (March of Dimes Foundation)
  • MedlinePlus: Birth Defects (National Library of Medicine)

    Blood Donation
  • Blood Donation Eligibility Guidelines (American Red Cross)
  • What to Expect When Donating Blood (American Red Cross)
  • GiveLife - find out where to give blood (American Red Cross)

    Cervical Cancer
  • What You Need to Know About Cancer of the Cervix (National Cancer Institute)
  • Cervical Cancer Risk Questionnaire (Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention)
  • Pap Tests & Cervical Health - A Healthy Habit for You (National Cancer Institute)

  • Glaucoma: What You Should Know (National Eye Institute)
  • About Glacoma (The Glaucoma Foundation)

  • MedlinePlus: Thyroid Diseases (National Library of Medicine)
  • Patient Resources (American Thyroid Association)

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