Monday, January 16, 2006

In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr

On the day when we stop to reflect on the civil rights movement in America, I ask that you read my previous post on trafficking in persons. Despite our progress as a nation toward equality for all colors and kinds, there are still slaves in this country, women and children who are sexually abused and held against their will. In honor of Dr. King, take a moment to learn about the plight of the powerless, and what you can do to make your little corner of the world better.

On a relatively local note:
You might not be aware of this, but Dr. King and Rosa Parks both participated in trainings and events in East Tennessee, at the Highlander Research and Education Center (formerly the Highlander Folk School). A history of the Center is available online, including photos of these legendary figures, and a tribute to Parks detailing her connection to Highlander. The Center continues to provide training, space, and resources to groups and individuals working for justice and human rights.

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