Friday, December 09, 2005

Nashville Was Talking, Rachel Will Be Talking...

I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger with few updates. The end of this semester has been a killer. Fear not, blog reader - because I'm focusing on medical librarianship, I was able to set it up so my independent study for next semester (starting Jan 4) will be to work on this blog. Regular updates will be required, and I'm looking forward to it. Next weekend, I'll try to catch you up on some stories that have slipped by in the interim.

Here's what I was up to during my 4-day Thanksgiving tenure as the guest-blogger at Nashville Is Talking:
  • Fun With Light Poles
  • Middle Ground on Immigration?
  • First Car Reminscence
  • When You Just Can't Get Enough Consumerism
  • Another Lovely Pic From Sugarfused
  • Freedom of Speech is Killin' the Children!
  • The NiT Movie Roundup
  • Metro as Absentee Landlord?
  • 6 Degrees of Sharon Cobb
  • Some Good News from New Orleans
  • TN Voting Machines to Get Upgrade
  • World AIDS Day
  • Because You Never Know What Girls Might Do With Accurate Information (on the Oak Ridge High School censorship of an article on contraceptives)
  • Live Tape-Delayed Thanksgiving Blogging
  • Airline Woes
  • Electoral Insights
  • Charlie and the Amoral, Capitalist Factory
  • Williamson County Wastefulness?
  • Excellent Use of the Phrase "Crap Shoot"
  • Striving For Understanding
  • Response to the "Kid Haters"
  • A Morbid Commemoration
  • Is it April 1 Already?
  • That Doesn't Look Like Fondant
  • I'm Buying Coffee
  • What You're All Thankful For
  • Nashville Isn't Talking
  • The Holidays are for Sharing
  • Same Story, Different Day (uh, Century)
  • BLOG - a Poem (check it out if you want a glimpse of how I wrote circa 1984)
  • ThanksGIVING
  • What's on the Menu?

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