Saturday, November 05, 2005

Vinnie Helps Chart Your Period

Odd book alert: I stumbled across Vinnie's Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book today. The book description on Amazon says, "The curse, the crimson tide, Aunt Flo-no matter what you call it, menstruation is often a taboo subject. Then along came Vinnie, who’s made it his mission in life to demystify periods for women (and men!) the world over." If I were still in the dark about menstruation, I'm not sure I'd want a male, unibrowed, mechanic named "Vinnie" explaining it to me. It just seems rather strange, but I feel oddly compelled to get my hands on a copy. You really have to view the cover image to appreciate the true and intriguing weirdness of the illustrations. Check out the customer reviews on Amazon, which are split between thinking the book is cool and useful, and thinking it's weird and creepy. The author, an art school attendee, apparently came up with the idea for his tampon cases and the books after his friends complained that their tampons were getting crushed in their backpacks. To which I say, check out the bevy of menstrual product alternatives, or make better use those little zip front/side pockets, ladies.
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