Saturday, November 05, 2005

Update on Emergency Contraception Bill in House

The bill number for the proposed legislation to either get the FDA to act on OTC status for Plan B, or, failing that, to go ahead and make it available over the counter, is HR 4229. You can read the official full text of the bill, keep up with Congressional actions on the legislation, and view the list of Representatives co-sponsoring the bill (none from TN), courtesy of the always useful THOMAS site.

The most recent action on the bill was a referral to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Tennessee's Bart Gordon and Marsha Blackburn serve on this committee. To contact the Committee, fill out this form. To write to your Representative, select your state and enter your zip code on this House webpage; it will figure out who your Rep is and allow you to complete an online form with your feedback.

Thanks to Chris, who gets to be honorary librarian-for-the-day for digging up the bill number.
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