Monday, September 26, 2005

Share Your Stories

Nashville blogger Sharon Cobb shared her story today of her diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I wish Sharon the best, and congratulate her on taking control of her health (she insisted on a test for early diagnosis that found the cancer). I am interested in others' stories of medical near-misses or having to stand up for your own health, and ask that you post them as comments. In my own case, I broke a chunk off the back of my patella (kneecap) and hobbled around on crutches for 6 weeks before surgery b/c the ER docs didn't catch the break. I also struggled for months to get a serious thyroid condition diagnosed, meanwhile being told that I needed to "reduce stress," and "You're tired? Ask all my nurses - they're tired too." Don't get me wrong - I now have several wonderful healthcare providers who I trust and respect, and have had nothing but good experiences with. I'm just wondering - have you ever had to be an advocate for your own healthcare? Have you ever been misdiagnosed or not diagnosed because a physician didn't take you seriously? How common are these experiences? If you don't mind, please post your stories here. Feel free to post anonymously. Examples like Sharon's, and your own, are important reminders to pay attention, be informed, and ask questions when it comes to your health.
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