Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Welcome Part 2: Hey, Guys, Hang on One Minute!

Welcome NiT readers, who may be visiting this site for the first time thanks to the link that Brittney graciously posted. For those of you who haven't seen it, Nashville is Talking is a great site for finding out what other Nashville bloggers are discussing, and I've found many interesting blogs and posts on non-Nashville topics through it.

Right about now, some of the men among you may be thinking, "Eh, another woman blogger talking about her stuff." As mentioned in my inaugural post, my aim is to present reliable resources, news, legislation, and new research on numerous aspects of women's health, i.e. not just periods, not just reproduction.

Because many of the topics here are not just one-day news cycle items, you may find valuable information linked among older posts. I encourage you to check them out. You might just be able to offer some good links to the women in your life, to provide some information to your wife, daughters, sisters, and friends when they really need it.

To the women finding this blog, I hope you will find something interesting and useful among the links and stories presented here. I welcome your suggestions and comments, and I am happy to search for information and post on it if you have a particular health issue you'd like to know more about - just send me an email, and I'll see what resources I can come up with.

Just to reiterate, I'm not a physician, but a medical librarian-in-training. Digging up good health info and filtering out the junk is what we do. Feel free to ask a question any time.

Welcome, and thanks for reading!
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