Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Safety Alert for Vanderbilt-Area Women

Vanderbilt Security has issued alerts for two recent incidents - one rape and one simple assault. On August 26, a student was raped: "A man in a white vehicle asked the student, who was in front of the Kappa Alpha House at 201 24th Avenue South, if she needed a ride. The student got into the car thinking it was a taxi. The student was taken to an off campus location where she was sexually assaulted."
Suspect Description: Male black, in his 30s.
Vehicle description: White 4 door car, possibly a taxi cab"

On August 29, a student was also assaulted by a taxi driver. "The student stated that she was walking on 24th Avenue between Vanderbilt Place and Kensington Place when a taxi cab driver offered her a ride. When the student attempted to get into the back of the vehicle, the driver locked the back doors and told her to get into the front seat... During the trip, the student said the driver touched her neck and arm and made inappropriate comments. After arriving at the off campus destination and leaving the vehicle, the student said the suspect blocked her path with his vehicle multiple times."
Suspect Description: Male, black or person of Indian descent, late 20s or early 30s, 6'0", 180 pounds, slender build, slender face, short black hair ("spikey" in the front), brown eyes, dark complexion, last seen wearing a short sleeve shirt. In addition, the driver spoke with an international accent.
Vehicle Description: White 4 door Sedan. The vehicle had a "Taxi" style light on top, a pay meter in the front of the vehicle, with possible a dark blue interior.

If you have any information on these incidents, you are asked to contact VU POLICE AT 32(2-2745) or call crime stoppers as 74-CRIME (742-7463) if you wish to remain anonymous.

  • MedlinePlus has a good page of resources for information on rape and sexual assault.
  • "What to do if you're raped" - from
  • Searchable directory of emergency contraception providers
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