Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morning Edition Story on Emergency Contraception

Morning Edition ran a story this morning on "Emergency Contraception and the Pregnancy Debate." Emergency contraception is classified as, um, contraception because it prevents pregnancy, but don't do anything if a woman is already pregnant, which is defined by implantation of a fertilized egg and detected through resulting hormones that start to be produced afterward. Guests for this story debate whether this is an accurate picture of when pregnancy begins, which has implications for whether people consider this drug as contraception or as an abortifacent. For additional info, has an overview of what happens at different times following fertilization.

The radio piece is interesting in terms of the viewpoints presented. Perhaps the oddest one was the former physician who claimed that he didn't prescribe emergency contraception, not because he opposed it, but because he didn't know how it worked. The story doesn't explain why he didn't find out... Here's one of the many available web resources that explain, among other things, how it works.
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