Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I can't help you with this search...

In my site stats, I found that one visitor came here as the result of a web search as follows: "Why are all of the pieces of EMail I receive about health issues about women's health issues." The librarian in me cringes at this search string, but is also very amused. This is a question with an answer wrapped up in society, politics, the nature/history of the health care system, and how women are feeling about whether their bodily rights and healthcare needs are being respected (or maybe just someone who signed up with iVillage...). It's not an answer someone is going to find in my links to smoking cessation resources, or through a simple web query, even if it was phrased in a way a search engine could understand. While I got a giggle from the search, I'd be interested in your comments on whether there is actually a serious answer to this initially amusing question.
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