Saturday, July 09, 2005

Kaiser Women's Health Survey - results

The Kaiser Family Foundation has published the results of a 2004 national telephone survey in which 2,766 women ages 18 and up were asked about healthcare-related issues. It's probably no surprise that women without health insurance reported lower rates of being screened for breast cancer, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other conditions. Of note is that 17% of women with private health coverage and 32% of women with Medicaid "stated that they postponed or went without needed health services in the past year because they could not afford it."

Other highlights (or lowlights...):
-14% of women reported skipping doses or taking smaller doses of medicine in the past year to make them last longer.
-23% of women on Medicaid said they were turned away from a physician because the doctor was not accepting new patients
-21% report having concerns about the quality of care they have received in the past year
-19% of women have changed physicians in the past 5 years because they were not satisfied with the care they received

The full report provides additional details on how frequently women discussed issues such as sexual health, domestic violence, drug abuse, nutrition, and other topics with a health care provider, as well as other details on women's responses to questions about health care costs and coverage, family health, and access to care.
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