Thursday, May 19, 2005


Welcome to Women's Health News, a blog about news, laws, resources, and websites relevant to women's health issues, along with occasional search strategies for locating women's health information on your own. As a medical librarian-in-training, it is my goal to provide links to reliable, quality health information and resources that women can use to be more informed about their own health care.

You may be thinking, "Women's health - so is this blog just about menstruation?" In a word, no. So many issues are relevant to women's well-being; some of them you may eventually find posts on include: contraception, domestic violence, heart disease, infertility, menopause, mental health, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, sexual and reproductive health, breast and cervical cancer, and yes, menstruation, as well as many other topics.

Of course, this blog comes with the standard disclaimer that any information presented here is not to be used in place of regular medical care from your physician. Enjoy!
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