Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a reminder that we've moved

I continue to keep this blog up for various reasons (it still turns up in internet searches, and some posts at the new place link back here), but if you want to see the new content, please come over to the WordPress location. From time to time I may post links over here, but my ability to do that has been very limited as of late.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

No, Seriously

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Friday, August 01, 2008

Head on Over...

I know people are still finding me via this site, so come along to the new location.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Women's Health News Update, 2/2/07

Posts from January, at the new place.

Saturday News Round-Up, 2/2/08

Ridiculous Lawmaker of the Day: Mayhall Wants to Ban Obese from Eating

On Sushi, Mercury, and Women’s Health: Can’t See the Pollution for the Fish

I’m Cranky, and These Labor Nurses Aren’t Helping

Learn About Organ Donation

The Bedtime Chronicles, Vol. 4


Labor’Lert: A Stopwatch for Your Uterus

Check Out the Sex Ed Video Contest Winners!

Reproductive Health and the Catholic Hospital Conundrum

Another Lost Tampon Story

Prophylactics, Propaganda, and Posters, Oh My!

Friday News Round-Up

Best Cities to Have a Baby

Are Women Really Requesting C-Sections?

Blog for Choice Day 2008

Hand in a Box

Caffeine and Increased Miscarriage Risk - A Portion Problem?

Newsweek Gets “Gay” MRSA Story Right, CWA Gets it Oh So Wrong

Contraceptive Patch Label Updated to Address Blood Clot Risks

Birth Control Sabotage - Submit Your Stories

WIC Program (Barely) Increasing Access to Fruits & Veggies

Heather Corinna Writes the Best Rants

Go Do Your Thing

International Carnival of Pozitivities

Health Disparities A-Go-Go

WTF, Underwear?

Randomized Birth Studies and Ethical Questions

Education of the Pregnant Teen

Spanish Abortion Providers on Strike

The Bedtime Chronicles, Vol. 3

Oh, Tennessee

The Ethical Concerns of Paid Surrogacy

This Just Seems Mean-Spirited

Update on Problems at Afghan Maternity Hospital

Mandatory HIV Testing of Pregnant Women?

One Thing to Hate About the New Year

Headlines of 2008 Meme

Happy New Year!

Pretty Bird Woman House Fundraising Drive a Success!

Inaugural Pro-Choice Blog Carnival

The Year in Review, 2007

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Women's Health News Update, 12/27/07

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A roundup of recent posts:

Science vs. Spin: Reactions to New Research on Sex Ed and Abortion

CDC Releases Data on the Pre-Pregnant

Pretty Bird Woman House Needs Your Help - Help fund a safe shelter for abuse victims on the Standing Rock Reservation

New Warnings on Nonoxynol-9, and Spermicide in Your Hair Dye? - Nonoxynol-9 is not for HIV or STD prevention.

What, Y’all Didn’t Know I’m a Robot? - Your blogger gets a funny mention in a Bay Area newspaper

Shameless Bloggy Begging - Vote for me!

ACOG’s “Conscience” Statement on Refusing Care Due to Religious Beliefs

Grooming for the Gyno? Not Necessary - Seriously, nobody cares about your hair.

Fetal Mortality Rates by Race/Ethnicity - Still no explanation for the disparities

Foreign Rectal Bodies

Seriously? On HIV and Isolation

Huckabee, HIV/AIDS, Travel, and Bigotry - Huckabee got it wrong

Prisons and Reproductive Rights or the lack thereof

Waxman Calls for Investigation into Conditions at Kabul Maternity Hospital

Sunday Morning Linkage - Health Discussions, Forced Sterilization, and More

Making Your Holiday Donations Count for Women - A list of good causes

CDC Releases New Birth Data - Lots of interesting things in this new report

Bloody Baby Pictures Banned by MySpace - It happened to a friend of mine - MySpace thinks slutty underage pics are fine, newborns are gruesome

News Round-Up, 12/7/07

More Anti-Choice Ballot Initiatives Proposed for 2008 - You are registered to vote, aren't you?

Get the Machine That Goes “Ping!” - Monty Python takes on hospital birth

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Women's Health News Update, 12/1/07

Please note that comments here are moderated very infrequently, if at all. Old posts have been migrated over as well, so please come on over if you have a comment.

Review: The Business of Being Born - This is an awesome documentary. Come find out why.

Websites and Eating Disorders

Home Sick - This woman's health, plus congrats to another blogger.

C-Section Rates by Hospital for Multiple States - Reliable info on this topic is extremely difficult to find.

The Book of Vice - Who wants to buy me a present?

To Sleep, Perchance to Chew My Hand Off - Something very strange happened while I was sleeping.

News Round-Up, 11/24/07 - Assorted goodies.

Updates on Fertilized Egg Personhood and Campus Contraception Prices

Welcome Writer Magazine Readers - Shameless self-promotion.

35th Carnival Against Sexual Violence - Lots of good posts on this topic.

News Round-Up, 11/17/07

More “Fertilized Egg as Person” Initiatives

Things You Don't Hear About Every Day - Because you know you want to read more about anal cancer.

Fertilized Egg as a Person, and Increasing STI Rates

Send a Sex Toy - to a frustrateding Attorney General.

Oh, Good Grief - More women's health blogger health woes.

Assorted Goodies - Another round-up.

Will a New Female Condom Catch On? - I'm guessing it won't.

Geeks and Vaginas - The best of both worlds.

Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso - No, I don't expect I'd like a show called "Without Breasts There Is No Paradise."

Your Yucky Body - An awesome cartoon on the "mommy makeover" from Mikhaela.

Oral Contraceptives and Cervical Cancer

Diabulimia Discussion

Jezebel Can Suck It (But Can’t Breastfeed) - Why I have a love/hate relationship with Jezebel.

I Love Technology, Placentas Love Cloaking Devices - Why it's like a weird spy thriller up in your uterus.

Driving Me Crazy - Please Help! - A reader comes through with the name of a blog for a woman who was accused of child abuse.

Medical Concern, or Bad Attitude? - I report, you decide.

47th Carnival of Feminists

Quote of the Day, Understatement of the Year - On teens and abstinence.

Universal Orlando Staff Harrasses Breastfeeding Mama - They need to read a copy of Florida law, stat.

The Hospital Birth, The Hospital Rules - Can you really have a normal birth in a hospital?

The Perils of Librarianship - On plastic wrap, oral sex, and librarianship.

Vajapocalypse: I Say Vagina, You Say “This is what happened on Tyra” - Complete with fun clip from The Soup.

Bill Introduced to Reduce Campus Contraception Prices - Contact your legislator.

Miscarriage and Infertility Blogs - Lots of links.

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